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How to Control the Wort Boiling Process Well?

Nov. 12, 2020

As a Beer Winery Equipment Manufacturer, share with you.

How to control the boiling process of wort well? The boiling of malt in the boiling pot is an important process. The quality of the boiled wort determines the final quality of the beer. So, in addition to the design of the brewing kettle, how can we better control the wort boiling process?

Gas Fired Brewhouse

Gas Fired Brewhouse

1. Boiling time In order to determine the boiling time of the wort, the concentration of the wort should be controlled according to the boiling intensity of the wort to reach the required final wort concentration within the prescribed boiling time. The boiling time of wort has a great influence on the performance of beer. When boiling at normal pressure, the boiling time of light beer (10%-12%) is generally controlled at 1.5-2h, and thick beer can be appropriately extended. Under boiling conditions, the time can be shortened by about half.

Prolonging the boiling time reasonably is conducive to protein coagulation, improving the utilization rate of hops and reducing material formation, but it is not conducive to foam performance. Excessive extension of the boiling time is not only economically unreasonable, but also the quality of wort will decrease. For example: dark wort of light beer, rough taste, reduced bitterness, poor foam, etc.

2. The boiling strength of wort

After the wort is boiled, the water that evaporates per hour is equal to the percentage of the mixed wort, that is, the boiling strength: boiling strength and thermal conductivity, shape, heating area, steam pressure, evaporation area of wort and boiling method of the pot.

3. PH value

PH is closely related to the coagulation of protein, the color and flavor of wort.

The protein in wort is the most unstable at its isoelectric point and is prone to coagulation and precipitation. The isoelectric points of various proteins in wort are different. Therefore, under different pH values, precipitation will also occur first. The ideal pH value for wort boiling is 5.2, but it is difficult to reach this value under normal conditions, and hard water mashing is even more difficult to reach this value. Generally, when acidification begins or when the wort is boiling, acidification is used to lower the pH. When the pH value is in the range of 5.2~5.6, the protein can usually reach a good degree of coagulation. The better the protein coagulation, the better the non-biological stability of the beer.

When the pH of wort is in the range of 5.2 to 5.4, the ideal method is to master it.

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