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What role does Micro Beer Brewing Equipment play in the brewing process?

Dec. 25, 2019

Micro Beer Brewing Equipment Supplierswill discuss the importance of water in wine with everyone. I believe that everyone knows that the three main factors of making wine are food, water and koji. With these three raw materials, a series of manufacturing processes are performed, and the finished wine is finally obtained. Aiming at the three elements of wine making, today the winemaker of Dahan Family Winemaking Equipment Factory will briefly introduce the role of water in the winemaking process. What is the importance of water for winemaking:

Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

What role does Micro Beer Brewing Equipment play in the brewing process? Water is one of the main components of wine. The quality of water directly affects the quality of wine. The so-called "water is the blood of wine" is the reason. In the beer production process, in addition to cooling water and boiler water, brewing water and water for degrading water have higher requirements for water, and they are in close contact with the wine entering the mouth of consumers.

Various ingredients contained in the brewing water are closely related to the growth of beneficial microorganisms, the formation and function of enzymes, and the fermentation of 醅 or 醪 to the quality of the finished wine. Poor water quality can cause sluggish fermentation of mash or mash, slow growth of Aspergillus, slow rise in temperature, and poor growth of yeast, etc., affect the formation of aroma substances, and cause astringency and bitterness in beer taste, odor and discoloration. , Precipitation and other phenomena.

Therefore, we must test the acidity and alkalinity of water when making wine. Water with a pH value between 3.5 and 7 can make wine.

The water used in the process of degrading beer is called dewatering. This process becomes "pulp" in the brewing process, which is also a necessary process for the production of low-grade beer. Therefore, the physical characteristics of water for degrading must be colorless and transparent, not containing too much organic matter or iron ions; it should have a refreshing taste when tasted, and it should not be used if it has salty, bitter taste; if it has muddy smell, irony Taste, hydrogen sulfide, etc. cannot be used. In addition, the pH, hardness, chlorine content, and nitrate content of water all have very important effects on winemaking.

In addition to the abundant water source, which provides the necessary material basis for winemaking, the huge water system also creates a unique natural environment. The resulting "microclimate" also plays a very important role in winemaking. For example, the average annual temperature of the Chishui River Basin is 18 degrees Celsius. The hot and humid air and suitable temperature provide better conditions for the proliferation of the microbiome. As soon as it enters the range of Maotai Town, it will smell more and more dense from far away. In fact, this swaying in the air, stepping through different scent, is the microbial elves that can not be seen by the naked eye, but can be smelled. 20HL Micro Brewery is suitable for home, grain and wine distillation. It provides first-class winemaking technology for small wineries or farms, and can produce high-quality qualified wine.

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