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How do newbies choose winemaking equipment?

Dec. 25, 2019

First of all, the brewing equipment can be roughly divided into large, medium and small-scale brewing equipment according to the size. Of course, this is the approximate division of commonly sold models. No matter what size and type of brewing equipment we can customize according to customer needs. Micro Beer Brewing Equipment is less suitable for brewing and drinking because it produces less alcohol. If it is a business, it is suitable for medium and large-scale brewing equipment. Medium-sized brewing equipment can steam 200 pounds of grain at a time. It is more suitable for raw liquid brewing process. Traditional solid methods can be used, but solid methods are more laborious and medium-sized. More laborious, if you want to use solid state technology to make wine, it is more efficient to use large-scale brewing equipment. But if you are just starting out and don't know the prospects, if you want to avoid risks, you can use a medium-sized one first, and then change to a larger one when the business is better in the future.

Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

Secondly, if it is divided according to the material of the winemaking equipment, stainless steel and aluminum are commonly used in modern times. Stainless steel is more sturdy and durable, but the heat conduction and cooling performance is not as good as that made by Lu. However, the aluminum heat conduction and cooling performance is not good. Stainless steel is more sturdy and durable, but the cooler and air duct do not need to be loaded with grain, there is not much load capacity, only to serve the function of distilled gas, so you can choose stainless steel for steamer, aluminum for air duct and cooler, Each takes its strengths. Selecting winemaking equipment is basically these two points. Modern brewing equipment is mainly made of aluminum and stainless steel. So how do we choose as friends who are preparing wine? Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of aluminum are fast heat conduction and fast cooling, so It is particularly suitable for the process of wine distillation, but its disadvantage is that it is not as durable as stainless steel, and stainless steel is more durable, but its thermal conductivity is far less than aluminum, so the most suitable choice is to use stainless steel for the steamer, and the guide The air pipe and cooler are made of aluminum, which increases the durability of the brewing equipment and combines the benefits of aluminum's rapid heat transfer. It is the most suitable and best combination to avoid the disadvantages and choose two materials. long.

Next, as the Home Brewery Unit Manufacturer, I will tell you more about the choice of brewing equipment.

Winemaking equipment can be divided into three categories according to the process of making liquor, solid winemaking equipment, semi-solid winemaking equipment, and liquid winemaking equipment. We can choose the brewing equipment according to our production method.

First: The solid state brewing method is the traditional brewing method. Compared with liquid brewing, solid brewing requires more steamed food, which requires more venues, facilities, and people. However, this wine has a good taste and a relatively low yield. However, the wine is delicious and requires large-scale brewing equipment, which is suitable for large-volume brewing, and can ensure that the taste of each batch is the same.

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