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How to Choose Beer Equipment?

Jan. 14, 2020

As one of the Home Brewing System Manufacturers, let's talk about how to choose beer equipment today.

A stable set of beer equipment, the operation can be simple or complex, but the equipment must be stable, temperature control must be stable, time control is accurate, equipment pressure is good, and so on. Human factors minimize the intervention of products, standardize the traditional beer process, and make beer characteristics.

Starting from the crushing, the equipment is a system for the brewery, which is divided into dry crushing and wet crushing. The main process is from the raw material warehouse to the silo, and then the air is sent after crushing. The permanent magnet of the whole process removes impurities such as iron.

Home Brewery Equipment

Home Brewery Equipment

It is transported to the saccharification system to start saccharification, and the saccharification process is divided into one saccharification and two-stage saccharification. The temperature time control requirements are relatively high, the ordinary brewery is five-material saccharification, and the craft beer is up to four saccharification.

Because we essentially eliminate the addition of excipient rice corn syrup, we remove the gelatinization pot. If continuous production, the saccharification part needs to increase the hot water tank, which can save energy and is more conducive to the washing process of the saccharification process.

Fermenter Tank

Fermenter Tank

Control of the fermentation process. Temperature pressure sugar is accurate. Ensure accurate control of the entire process. The accessories on the Fermenter Tank are more demanding and will not be described for the time being.

CIP cleaning system before making wine is more important. It is not only important to clean the system, but also the control of hygiene in the process of personal preparation. Inoculation of yeast, oxygenation, wine reception, etc. Waiting for some processes requires you to control the sanitary conditions. In particular, when we are doing hops, we should master the time of dry throwing. Second, pay attention to hygiene. Time and crafts are not much to say. It is mainly dry casting in the main fermentation process, otherwise a can of wine will be wasted.

In fact, under certain conditions of equipment, the control system and the ice water system should be well controlled. The so-called control is the choice of the components, and the stability must be good.

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