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Do you know the Identification and Evaluation of Fragrant Hops and Bitter Hops?

Aug. 25, 2020

As a Beer Winery Equipment Manufacturer, share with you. The difference between hop ranges is the growth type, the development vitality, the maturation of the morning and night, the high return of the return, the content of α-acid, the composition of the hop oil, the ability to resist numerous insects as well as diseases, and so on. When it comes to the identification of great smelling flowers as well as bitter blossoms, Along with the decision of α-acid, it can be identified as well as identified according to the web content of specific elements.

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Small Craft Brewery

The conventional difference between bitter and great smelling flowers is obvious. The newly cultivated ranges are mainly high α-acid ranges or ranges in between bitter as well as fragrant, however can still be determined and classified by the complying with approaches:

( 1) Going by the material ratio of α-acid and β-resin, α-acid/ β-resin > 1 is typically bitter kind hop, and also α-acid/ β-resin <1 is typically aromatic type hop.

( 2) The content of comfrey in fragrant hops typically make up less than 25% of the α-acid web content, or even lower. The bitter hops normally represent greater than 30% of the α-acid, or even higher, and also the humulone Isomerization, bitter preference is rough, the maker suches as to use hops with low humulone, the ratio of humulone to valerone can additionally identify the selection, the highest ratio is better.

( 3) The web content of polyphenols and also sesquiterpene oxides of fragrant flowers is more than that of bitter flowers, while the material of α-acids is less than that of bitter blossoms, from polyphenols/ α-acid proportion or sesquiterpene oxides/ α - The ratio of acid ratio can also identify bitter blossoms as well as great smelling flowers.

( 4) The epoxide of valerene is just one of the primary sources of hops, and also the material of valerene in great smelling flowers is generally higher than that of bitter blossoms. The hop quality can also be examined from the proportion of the web content of valerene to caryophyllene in sesquiterpenes, as well as the ratio is greater.

( 5) Different jump ranges have various peak shapes of jump oil. The exact same selection, regardless of its beginning and also weather conditions, its height form of hop oil is generally similar, according to which the variety can be recognized.

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