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What is the Principle of the Wort Reaching the Cone Fermenter?

Aug. 11, 2021

Due to the large volume of the fermentation tank, usually several batches of wort can fill a fermentation tank.

So we transfer the wort to the fermenter one by one.

Beer Equipment Manufacturer

Beer Equipment Manufacturer

But the time to fill the tank should generally be less than 20h.

After the wort enters the fermentation tank, the yeast begins to multiply and generate heat. And the temperature of the water tank increases. Therefore, the principle of cooling temperature needs to be met, from low to high, and then to the milling fermentation tank. Normal temperature The temperature of the milling tank should be about 2°C higher than that of one fermentation. 


The lower temperature of the rinsing tank will extend the time to naturally increase the temperature and slow down the speed of yeast propagation. So it will hinder rapid fermentation. At the same time, it will obtain low-fermentation beer.

Conversely, the higher the temperature of the fermentor, the earlier and faster the yeast will multiply.

The sweetness decreases too fast, due to lack of nutrition, the metabolic function decreases, which affects the recovery of diacetyl. At the same time, it will hinder the production and saturation of carbon dioxide, thereby impairing the taste and foam properties of beer.

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