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What is the Method of Adding Yeast?

Aug. 02, 2021

As a Beer Equipment Manufacturer, share with you.

10 hl Craft Brewery System

10 hl Craft Brewery System

1) Dry addition

Put the appropriate cooled wort into the yeast feeder, then wash the yeast extract and store it, take 0.6%-0.8% of the required yeast amount, drain the top water and add it to the yeast feeder. Mix the wort and yeast evenly. Finally, the yeast and wort are mixed into the fermentation tank by compressed air.

2) Wet addition

Add part of the wort at 10°C-15°C into the yeast feeder, add the required yeast, and keep it for 10-12 hours to restore the activity of the yeast. After breeding, the yeast is mixed with the wort in a fermenter. To

3) Split

Often used in

Cultivation and expansion of the first yeast species on the production site or insufficient supply of yeast.

4) Continue to add

Aeration and yeast addition can be carried out in the same container. In order to distribute the yeast evenly

In the fermentation tank, the yeast also needs to be added evenly when the wort flows into the container.

5) Additional methods

Add the wort to the fermented tank. As the fresh wort enters the fermenter, the yeast will be activated again. The fermentation will proceed directly.

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