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How to Start a Craft Brewery?

Aug. 11, 2021

Microbrewery is an ancient and noble activity that is becoming more and more popular as a professional business worldwide. Many people are approaching it for fun or passion, but they are often confused when choosing the appropriate microbiological equipment.

The best choice for hygiene, safety and productivity is to choose professional micro brewing equipment, focusing on materials that can provide resistance and quality over time. First, let's take a look at a brief introduction of the necessary equipment for Craft Brewery

So, what equipment should you not miss?

Discover it on this page and view:

Saccharification system

filtering system

Brewery system

Cooling fermentation equipment

Air Conditioning System

filtering system

Craft Brewery

1- Saccharification system

Once you have ground the malt and are ready to brew, the first step is to put it in the saccharification system along with water to heat the mixture for the next process. In this step, the malt in the soaking becomes a sugar paste.

2- Filter system

The mashing process produces a sugar-rich liquid called wort, which must be separated from the remaining grains: for this, you must use a filtration system. First, the mash must be heated again; then, it must be "recirculated", which means it must be taken out and put into the mash again several times; finally, the mash must be dropped into the water to extract all the remaining sugar.

3- Brewery system

The brewery system is obviously the core of the microbrewery equipment. The brewing process takes place in a machine called a Brew jug, where the wort is boiled with hops and spices. During the boiling process, the wort is sterilized, all unwanted flavors evaporate and solid particles are removed.

4- cooling and fermentation

The wort is cooled to keep it at the proper fermentation temperature. After cooling, the fermentation begins because the yeast is put into the wort, which takes place in a special container called a fermentation vessel. The equipment used in this step must be carefully selected because it is the most delicate process in terms of hygiene.

5- Air conditioning system

The resulting beer must be removed from the fermentation vessel in order to separate it from the dead yeast, which can be harmful or at least destroy the final flavor of the product. After that, the beer is put into a conditioning system to rest and mature. This process may take weeks or even months, depending on the intentions of the brewer.Click it.

Craft Brewery

6- Filtration system

Filtration is essential for the final adjustment of beer flavor. However, it must be pointed out that in the equipment of small breweries, filtration systems are not always necessary. In fact, many small breweries sell unfiltered beer. There are many kinds of filters, from the coarsest filters that only remove solid components to the finest filters, which can eliminate all microorganisms in the liquid.

7- Packaging system

If your small brewery only sells its beer at the place of production, you will not need a packaging system. However, if you want to sell beer outside the brewery, you need to put it in barrels, bottles or cans. A good packaging system can perform one of barreling, bottling or canning with high quality standards, speed and accuracy, and it is a necessary choice to use all necessary machines to complete small beer equipment.

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