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The Main Ingredients Of Beer

Oct. 23, 2021

If you want to start Brewery Plants, you first need to know what the main ingredients of beer are in order to brew a great tasting beer. As a distributor who has been in the craft beer industry for many years, let me share it with you.

Turnkey Brewery Equipment

Turnkey Brewery Equipment


Grains (barley, wheat, rice, corn, oats, rye, etc.) are essentially the same as those used to make many breakfast cereals. Barley and wheat must undergo a malting process before they can be used to make beer. The wheat-making process mimics the germination of grains, thereby metabolizing the natural grain sugars, which is what yeast feeds on during fermentation. To do this, the seeds are soaked in water until the plant starts to grow. Just before it comes out of the seed, it is placed in a kiln and dried. The drying method gives the malt a different color and flavor.


Hops provide a spicy aroma, a variety of flavors and a subtle to strong bitterness to balance the sweetness of the malt in the beer. They are the flowers of a perennial vine that resembles soft green pine cones and contain a yellow powder called lupine. The resin and oil contained in this powder are essential to the brewing of beer.

A hop resin called alpha acid gives the beer its bitterness. The oils give certain beer styles, such as pale ales, their floral, citrusy and hoppy aromas. When hops are boiled, some chemical changes occur in the alpha acid that allow it to make the beer bitter. The shorter the time the hops are boiled, the less bitter the beer will be. There are many different varieties of hops, just as there are different kinds of tomatoes. Each variety has its own flavor and aroma.

Turnkey Brewery Equipment

Turnkey Brewery Equipment


The main component of beer is water; in fact, water makes up 90% of the beer. The composition of the water used in a beer can affect the final product in many ways. Very soft, low-mineral water is great for making smooth, clean beers, while hard, mineral-rich water helps bring out the bitterness of the hops in a beer. As you may have noticed, minerals are especially important when it comes to the taste and feel you get from your beer. The amount, composition and proportion of minerals in water requires attention and has a big impact on the beer. Thankfully, brewers have the technology to adjust their brewing water and determine the hardness or softness themselves, so they know exactly what they are adding to their beer.


Yeast is a living organism that comes in hundreds of varieties. Generally, brewers use isolated or cultured yeast, which means that all yeast cells are the same, which gives the brewer more control over the fermentation process.

There are hundreds of beer styles, thousands of breweries and tens of thousands of unique beers - all produced from these simple ingredients. As brewers add other ingredients - such as spices or fruits - the flavor combinations are endless. For beer drinkers, the future is very bright.

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