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Brief Story with Brasserie OX- France

Oct. 22, 2021

Since beginning of 2015, it is already the fourth time we worked together on their brewery setup.


The firstly stage was the whole 20HL Brewery setup, which including the whole three vessel 20HL Brewhouse and 20-40HL tanks for cellar, assorted with other units like CIP, cooling group etc.

The second and third time time was for some 40HL tanks and prime tanks for expansion. Then we have the the further 80HL tanks just arrived for the fourth time expansion.


We are appreciated for the kind trust from our good friend Jean-Baptiste OCHS, and we wish they enjoy the all the equipment from us and keep brewing the fantastic beers. Team of ZYBREW is always like what we insist on, doing our best for the reliable and higher standard brewery system, and supplying the technical support and good service for their brewery operation.

Then you just take care of the beer, we take care of the steel.


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