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How do you save money in the brewing process?

Oct. 14, 2021

The secret to success as a craft brewery is to charge enough per pint, but still lower than a neighborhood restaurant, to turn a profit. This competitive pricing will attract people looking for great prices on quality drinks, and those people can become reliable customers for the long haul.


But there's a caveat: super-fresh, small-batch craft beer isn't cheap. The price of craft beer is influenced by many factors. We believe that investing in a quality brewery and beer delivery equipment can go a long way toward reducing some of those costs. To answer the question, "How do I save money in the brewing process?" , we will provide a breakdown of brewery costs and discuss how to reduce those costs.

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Craft Brewery Costs

Both commercial and craft beers start with the same ingredients, such as: water, yeast, malt and hops. The difference, however, is how they are invested.



Yeast can vary greatly depending on the brewery's tastes. Some breweries make their own yeast and save on this ingredient as a result. A two-liter package of yeast can cost $255. It also costs more to leave it in the brewery overnight to get maximum freshness.



Malt provides the sugar that turns beer into alcohol, so it is a necessary part of the commercial and craft brewing process. Unlike most craft breweries, commercial breweries keep costs down by mixing grains such as corn and rice together rather than using barley. In addition to paying a premium for premium malts, craft breweries add more malt to enhance the flavor of the beer.



There are many different varieties of hops, and the more demand there is for certain varieties, the more they cost. Specialty hops can cost as much as $20 per pound. For that strong herbal flavor, craft brewers can easily pay twice the cost of hops from commercial breweries.



Packaging can be very expensive. In addition to the cardboard carrier, each glass bottle and its label must be considered. There is also the cost of the label and package design. Multiply each of these costs by six, per six-pack, and packaging can quickly become one of the most expensive costs in the entire brewing process.



Assuming it takes about 20 hours to make a batch of beer, and knowing that the average brewer's hourly wage is $21, a batch of beer can incur labor costs of up to $420. However, when divided into kegs and six-packs, each bottle of beer costs only a few cents in labor.


Beer Equipment and Site Rental

In order for the brewing process to occur, equipment needs to be purchased and space must be rented to house the equipment. The total cost of brewing equipment and space depends on how big you want your brewery to be, how much equipment you purchase, and whether you decide to buy all new or old product. However, you can expect to pay at least about $100,000 or even millions of dollars. The cost of equipment and space does not include other important considerations such as marketing, events or R&D.


Other Costs

Special ingredients such as spices, coffee beans, lactose, maple syrup, fruit and other tasty additions can add up to the cost of a four or six pack.


And brewing frequently means you'll need to spend time and money on other parts of your brewery business. You'll need to clean the brewing area, do paperwork, pay taxes, maintain the facility, promote your business, and do all the other tasks associated with running a company.


Reduce craft brewery expenses by investing in quality equipment

Brewing equipment can be expensive. But you can reduce your craft brewery expenses if you move away from the standard solutions you've been using since the beginning of your brewing business and invest in better brewing equipment. Your equipment will truly last, and you can greatly reduce product loss due to contamination during the brewing process.


State-of-the-art brewing equipment that saves money and produces the best beer

Our brewing equipment is always focused on cost effectiveness, efficiency and resource efficient operations. We are well aware that these criteria are critical if your brewery is to remain competitive and continue to be successful. Our brewery equipment has one goal in mind: to provide you with the best solution for your beer brewing. Flexibility in beer variety and expansion potential are just as important here as the consistent taste of your product.


We share our expertise with you from the early planning stages. We recommend the ideal machine and capacity for your needs and support you in choosing your location until you decide on the best type of beer. In short: You benefit from our extensive services and get a complete turnkey system to start brewing beer on time and on budget.

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