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Pilot Brewery System


Pilot Brewing System For Sale General description:

ZYBREW pilot brewery system is more used for home breweries or any big brewery using for testing or recipe researching. 

The size range from 50L to 300l, heating method can be electric, steam heating can be for brewhouse that sharing the steam source of commercial or industrial breweries. 

The system can be simple for home brewing or being more professional which fits the requirement of recipe development. 

Whether you're adding a pilot system to an existing brewery, expanding your micro or nano brewery, or looking to take your home brewing game to the next level, the Pilot Brewing System For Sale is the perfect wingman.

ZYBREW has all the equipment and knowledge to install your entire brewery, from brewing to glass, from a single idea. Our services are not limited to providing such equipment, we can also provide licensing assistance and advice, brewery planning and layout, beer and cider recipe development and training, yeast usage, yeast management strategies and training, fermentation advice, scheduling and training, Beer preparation advice and training, bar and beverage dispensing equipment, beverage bottling equipment and advice, and cleaning and sanitizing advice and training.


● Simple but perfect solution to guarantee stable beer quality
● Easy to move and assembly
● Compact system or being installed on platform

● Well pre assembled system for easy installation and transportation

● Well suits the local authority regulation

Basic configuration: 

● Grain handling: hand or electric malt mill

● Brewhouse: Two or three vessels, gas, electric or steam heating

● Cellar: Fermenter + BBTs or unitank, pre assembled piping line on platform

● Cooling: Chiller with glycol reservoir or connected with existing big brewery

● CIP: movable pump for either tank cleaning or beer transfer

Pilot Brewery System


● Can be with more vessels which have similar configuration as big breweries

● Higher automation possible

Experience a true turnkey brewery that includes almost everything you need to get up and running quickly! Designed for small spaces with mobility, our Pro Pilot system is ideal for small batch brews or testing new recipes before mass production. Why do breweries have Pilot Brewing System?

It takes about the same amount of time and effort to brew a small or large volume of beer. So from the outside, the pilot system seems to be ineffective.

Why not mass brew everything on the main system?

There are two factors: risk and sales.

In many cases, experimental beers are made on experimental brewing systems. If the beer isn't going well, they'd rather handle a small amount of beer. This minimizes financial risk.

Even if the beer turns out as expected, that doesn't mean there's a need for that particular style or flavor. Therefore, producing small amounts of beer is often ideal for limiting quantities.

Larger brewing systems do not allow for this volume or risk control.

This thought process applies to all breweries. Pilot systems are valuable to every brewery, regardless of size.

For example, as breweries grow, they often require more brewing capacity than their systems can handle. In this case, breweries cannot waste time brewing experimental beers on their main systems. All of their brewing capabilities must be focused on making their flagship beer.

On the other hand, breweries with entirely new systems may find that their extra brewing capacity is too risky to test a batch of new recipes.

So in both cases, these breweries need to test new recipes without disrupting their normal brewing schedule. They all want options to limit their risk if the new beer doesn't meet their taste or quality standards.

Types of Pilot Brewing Systems

As mentioned earlier, the size of the pilot brewing system is relative to the main brewing system. Some are as small as a home brewing system, while others are larger than the main brewing room at other breweries.

The challenge is balancing a system that delivers the amount of beer the brewery can sell quickly, while still delivering a quality product.

The goals of the brewery must also be considered. Those who just want to test out new recipes, will want to make small batches often.

Other breweries will use their pilot brewing systems to produce special versions of the beer. These will need to be very high quality but in limited quantities.

final thoughts

So what does all this mean to you and me? Craft beer lover?

For many, it's just a bit boring industry detail. But for many, understanding the philosophy and process of brewing helps us better understand our favorite beverages.

The brewing process is both science and art. A pilot brewing system is a blank canvas for brewers to develop and create. While the main system is reserved for leveraging science to make consistently high quality beer.

Both are required and both have value.

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