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What is the Difference Between Beer?

Oct. 12, 2021

The common denominator of all beers is fermentation. This includes the direct conversion of sugar in barley malt into ethanol (the alcohol we consume alcohol) through a yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This plays an extremely important role in determining whether your beer is definitely beer or ale.


Great ale yeast usually has an optimal fermentation temperature level of 18 °-22 ° C. This yeast mutation can only ferment basic sugars, leaving behind fermentable sugars. This produces a sweeter finish beer (usually stabilized by a jump in bitterness) and a beer with a lot of appearance and taste.

Five Vessel Brewhouse

Five Vessel Brewhouse

Aier yeast was the first yeast used in beer production (it was also used before yeast cells were discovered!). In addition, although they are very typical in the development process, it is worth remembering that you cannot use brewer's yeast to make beer design beer in this temperature class variety!

Ales are usually made from dark roasted malt, with full flavor and color, and also benefit from tough water. When included in a smaller amount of dark malt, extra beer is produced per ton of grain.


The fermentation temperature level range of beer yeast substitutes is greatly reduced to 6 ° -16 ° c. This yeast series can usually be used in dryers and fresh beer. Modern ales are usually lighter in color, but dark malt was also used in the past.

A savvy manufacturer saw that it did not exhibit "low fermentation" like malt liquor, but the beer produced did not show a negative drop! (Today we learned that all yeasts are fermented in the mixture. Due to the aesthetic appearance of this process, pressure is put on the guiding fermenter and the lower fermenter is brewed).

The background records that the first beer we would definitely call brewed was brewed on October 5, 1842 in the Pilsen community in what is now the Czech Republic. The combination of water and glorious jumps from neighbouring Saaz and Bavarian-style cold lager produces a golden and clear beer. This is considered a feeling.

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