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What is Beer Made of?

Jul. 24, 2020

What's in beer? As a Beer Winery Equipment Supplier, share with you. Let's take a look.


Beer is composed mainly of water; in fact it is 90% or more of water. Water serves as a medium for all various other materials in the beer.

The composition of the water (quantity of minerals such as iron and lime) can affect completion result in various means. Both best understood instances of this are the water from the Czech Plzen as well as the English town, Burton-upon-Trent. The actual soft water (few minerals) of Plzen is best for making a smooth and also clean beer like Pilsner. The difficult, mineral-rich water from Burton-upon-Trent makes the jump bitters in (India) light ales stand out much more.

Five Vessel Brewhouse

Five Vessel Brewhouse

The minerals in the water are for that reason of certain relevance, whatever from the amount, make-up and proportion of minerals in the water can have an effect. This additionally has a significant influence on the efficiency of the enzymes throughout action 3 of the brewing procedure (mashing).

Makers can adjust their developing water and establish the firmness themselves. Burton-upon-Trent even left a verb: Burtonising.


Malts are possibly the most crucial and also impactful component in beer. It is with cereals that you establish for a big component the colour, smell, preference as well as even the head of the beer. Brewed grains have to initially be malted, a process that we will go back to in the second part of this post.


Barley is one of the most commonly used malt for beer due to the fact that the starch-protein ratio is one of the most favourable, it offers the enzymes required throughout mashing (action 3) and due to the fact that the barley husks are solid sufficient to act as an all-natural filter bed during clear (step 4).


Wheat releases a soft, bread-like preference with a somewhat sour touch. You can taste it well in Weizen and wheat beer. Wheat includes extra healthy proteins, which in an unfiltered White beer and also German wheat beer provides the characteristic haze and a thicker head..


Oats provide a velvety, somewhat fuller mouthfeel as well as, naturally, the preference that you might recognize from oatmeal. Oats are typically used in stout ( oat meal stout ), yet increasingly likewise in other sorts of beer. As an example, in session IPA it gives the essential body and also in a New England IPA it supplies the soft-sweet mouthfeel.

Kuit is a traditional Dutch beer type, made with a minimum of 45% oats in the malt dump.


Rye provides a somewhat zesty, natural touch to beer and can develop a somewhat syrupy mouthfeel. It advises some beer fans, depending on the amount of rye, of rye bread. Jopen Jacobus is an instance of a beer with rye.

Spelt, corn as well as rice.

In addition to these grains, various other options can be added. Spelt for example, yet likewise corn. The last is a reasonably economical resource of starch and is typically utilized in American-style beers.

Making use of rice in beer has the very same function as corn, additionally corn often creates a completely dry mouthfeel as well as aftertaste.

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