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What is the Turnkey Brewing System?

Jun. 19, 2021

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., LTD/ ZYBREW, established in 2013, which is generally involved in craft brewery industry. We are major in Micro brewery layout, construction, commissioning and also the after sale service. There are 4 keywords from ZYBREW group which will be always complying with: Top quality, Solution, Technology, obligation. Our company believe this is the assurance for ZYBREW team to bring craft makers throughout the world the best customized solution, higher quality as well as the continual solution.

Established in 2013, we have designed extremely efficient, modern developing tools, ranging from little craft brewing systems to major, high-volume equipment. We acknowledge that every brewery is unique, and have the manufacturing expertise and imaginative flexibility to design Turnkey Brewing System especially for your production needs as well as room.

With every project we tackle, our team will exist every action of the means-- from design and illustrations to manufacturing to installation and also on-site training. We wish to use your new devices and also brewing great beer simple for your team.

Turnkey Craft Brewery

10-20HL/ 10-20BBL Craft Brewery System

Turnkey Craft Brewery of 20hl from ZYBREW is most tailored as the basic request on beer brewing from client and the existing structure. Or we do turnkey option design from Greenland. The brewhouse effectiveness array from 2-8 mixtures based on different preferred configuration.


● Higher wort remove

● Reduced power price and also product usage

● Well adjusted temperature and also water blending unit for better grain as well as water blending

● Unique designed heavy steam coat unit to enhance vapor using performance and avoid "water hammer" issue

● Special tank and also piping construction to prevent the wort aeration problem and decrease the material shed

● Internal heating unit for separate pot, collaborating with cyndrical tube as well as lower jacket for much better boiling result

● Feasible to make boiling procedure under pressure, specifically for brewery at greater altitude

● Unique developed vapor condensing unit, with both vapor condensing as well as water heating function

● Storage tanks with excellent layout updating for better cooling effect and also precise temperature control

● Pre constructed storage piping, with pet cat strolls for operation on top or manifold or piping hallway

● Air conditioning unit for present usage as well as well prepared for future increasing

● Automation system with contour indication and production document printing, with recipe storage feature, clients can develop new recipe as the precise production need

Fundamental setup:

● Grain handling: Mill, conveyor (flexi auger or chain disc), receptacle etc. With weight scaling.

● Brewhouse: 3 or four vessels, including piping, HE and so on

● Cellar: Fermenter, tank and BBTs, for fermentation of different type of beer, all assembled and separated

Turnkey Craft Brewery

30-50HL/ 30-50BBL Craft Brewery Equipment


● Lower power cost as well as product intake

● Car temperature control for water, vapor, wort, beer circulation and so on

● Well made heavy steam system to raise home heating efficiency and also lower energy shed

● Extra affordable piping building and construction to stay clear of the wort oygenation trouble as well as lower the material lost

● Interior heater for separate pot, working with cylinder as well as bottom coat for far better boiling result

● Adjust stove for utilizing other components like rice, corn and so on. Different barrier container for boosting developing efficiency

● Possible to make boiling process under pressure, especially for brewery at higher altitude

● Feasible catwalks on the top, or with manifold or piping passage

● Cooling unit for present usage as well as well gotten ready for future expanding

● Automation system with contour indication as well as production record printing, with recipe storage feature, clients can produce brand-new dish as the exact manufacturing demand.

● Fresh yeast supply or taken care of yeast proliferation unit

● Entire bundle line well intended

Standard arrangement:

● Grain handling: whole grain managing unit consisting of mill, malt transfer, silo, hopper and so on

● Brewhouse: Three, four or 5 vessels, the whole brewhouse unit, optional rice stove

● Storage: Fermenter, storage tank as well as BBTs, for fermentation of different sort of beer, all set up and also separated, With feline strolls or manifold

structure filtering unit and so on

● Compressed air unit and N2 generator, all piping line connected with system

● Yeast: Yeast storage tanks or Yeast proliferation system

● ZYBREW can aid with solution of package line

Turnkey Craft Brewery

50HL-100HL/ 50BBL-100BBL Craft Brewery Project.

Turnkey brewery project with bigger quantity ability is extra prepared for industry breweries, we focus much more on just how to make the whole turnkey project completed as well as make it competing continual brewing manufacturing.

The min manufacturing outcome could be beginning with 4 brews till 12 brews each day. ZYBREW supply the service beginning with project evaluation, dish advancement, cost-efficient analysis, market research, to equipment construction as well as appointing and so on. There is precise computation on energy usage, product to ensure the whole plant running under the most economical problem.

Basic setup:

● The entire grain milling unit from outside silo to inside mill, receptacle, premasher and so on

● Brewhouse: Four or Five vessels, the whole brewhouse unit, optional rice stove

● Cellar: Fermenter, storage tank and also BBTs, for fermentation of various sort of beer, all put together and also isolated, With feline walks or manifold

● Air conditioning: Chiller connected with glycol container for air conditioning, Ice water storage tank and also plat cooler for wort air conditioning

● CIP: Taken care of CIP terminal

● Purification: Diatomite filtration, membrane filter, Plate structure filtration unit etc

● Compressed air unit and N2 generator, all piping line connected with system

● Yeast: Yeast storage tanks or Yeast propagation system

● Beer pasteurizer


● The entire plan line for container or containers with various size

● Added hops application unit

● Yeast adaptation system

● Energy recovery plant

● Damp crushing system

Complete craft brewery from ZYBREW is most tailored as the standard request on beer brewing from client and the existing building. The style and fabrication are both following what is preferable for regional request, to ensure customer has less additional expense on various other issues when running the brewery. We make running the system for developing less complicated as well as more effective as the priority, on the other hand we attempt our best to decrease the cost of product and conserve energy, to assist all clients around the world find the very best equilibrium in between investment as well as income. Our company provide the Turnkey Brewing System, welcome to consult us.

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