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Why Must Wort Cook for 60 Minutes?

Sep. 23, 2020

As a Beer Winery Equipment Supplier, share with you. Wort is unfermented beer. Due to the low fermentation process, no one wants to drink this beer, and the wort tastes light and weak. So now you can imagine beer without carbonation, bite and clarification. Wort is a well-known "beer appetizer". It is extracted from malt and water. Brewers increase these elements and components of wort to a higher level by adding different flavors and using different types of hops. Then, the whole process of wort needs to boil steadily at a thermal break for nearly an hour.

Five Vessel Brewhouse

Five Vessel Brewhouse

Reasons for boiling wort for 60 minutes:

It is best to cook more wort to get the perfect beer. The more the wort is cooked, the better the beer will taste. This is why the wort is boiled for 60 minutes and sometimes longer to get the best final product. The reasons for boiling wort for 60 minutes are as follows:

Kill microorganisms:

Most microorganisms are killed for nearly an hour under low fire. These microorganisms are present in the wort. When the wort is boiled for nearly 60 minutes, all bacteria and microorganisms are killed.

Alpha acid is isomerized:

When heated, hops lose their bitterness. Therefore, the wort must be boiled at a low temperature for nearly an hour to limit the bitterness and maintain the taste. Now add the hops to the end, so as not to boil too much and not make the taste bitter.

Evaporation: The evaporation of water increases the gravity of beer. Without the evaporation process, the beer becomes hard. The stronger the beer, the better the taste.

Flavor changes caused by Maillard reaction:

When the wort is heated at high temperatures, it changes the taste of the wort. Maybe it becomes more bitter or stronger. This improvement of beer taste depends on heating the flame

Volatile, volatile chemical substances are dispersed:

DMS is produced by heating the wort. If you boil the wort vigorously at high temperatures, it will evaporate. Therefore, some people recommend boiling it for 90 minutes.

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