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How to Maintain Winter Beer Brew Equipment ?

Feb. 07, 2020

1. Clean the dust and oil on the transmission part of Beer Brew Equipment and fill it with grease;

2. To completely drain the cooling liquid, run the equipment for two minutes after the cooling is completed, and the remaining cooling liquid in the dryer body;

3. Shut down the power line equipment with power cord, cut off the power, remove the power cord and mark it, place it in a safe place, keep it in a safe place, and do the registration work in the warehouse;

Bright Beer Tank

Bright Beer Tank

Using and managing production equipment is an important issue for Medium Craft Brewery Manufacturer. In order to do a good job of maintenance of production equipment, it is actually a preventive maintenance.

1. Maintenance is more proactive than repair: Maintenance is the regular or irregular maintenance inspection of normal operating production equipment. The purpose is to ensure that the production equipment does not occur or rarely fails. Functional departments should master the maintenance and repair that should be followed. in principle. The maintenance time is controlled by the users and management personnel themselves, which can be planned and controlled independently. It is a proactive and active preventive maintenance method. The repair is to repair the faulty production equipment in order to restore its original function and ensure the normal operation of the production equipment. The repair time is not controlled by the maintenance personnel themselves, and the planning and controllability are also poor. It is a passive and negative maintenance method.

2. Maintenance is more cost-effective than repair: because maintenance is the maintenance of normal operating production equipment, no replacement parts are required, the economic cost is less, the production equipment can run normally, and the use of other equipment in the plant is not affected It does not affect the progress of production. Repair is different, it is to eliminate the fault that has occurred in the production equipment. Since it is a failure, it means that the parts have been damaged. To replace some parts, the cost is generally high and the cost is large. And when the brewing equipment fails, how long it takes to repair it is difficult to accurately determine. If just enough spare parts are in stock, you still need to apply for a purchase, which is cumbersome and expensive, and will affect the normal production process, and economic benefits will also be affected.

3. Maintenance is easier to achieve than repair: Maintenance is to perform maintenance inspections on normal operating production equipment in accordance with the requirements of operating procedures. There is no need to dismantle and dismantle the production equipment, nor does it require too much technology and complicated tools. Special large-scale complex production equipment needs to invite manufacturers to come for maintenance. Generally, it can be completed by the company's own use or management personnel. Repair is different, because it is to repair the production equipment that has failed, so the technical requirements are very high. The first thing to check is where the fault occurred, how to remove it, what parts are needed or what causes it.

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