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What are the Requirements for Wort Before Fermentation of Industrial Beer?

Jan. 08, 2021

As a Beer Brewing Equipment Manufacturer, share with you.

After cooling, the wort before fermentation before fermentation is called final wort. In order to ensure the quality of the final wort and meet the requirements of normal yeast fermentation, there should be quality requirements. Some parameters can be tested to control the quality of the final wort.

Five Vessel Brewhouse

Five Vessel Brewhouse

They are very important for industrial beer production.

1. The proportion of wort

Requirements: 11.95-12.2

Purpose: to ensure that the wort plato meets quality standards

2. Final fermentation degree (appearance)/%

Requirements: 82-85

Purpose: To identify the fermentability of wort 3. Of wort


Requirements: 5.25.6

Purpose: Affect cold sugar precipitation, yeast activity, etc.

4. Iodine reaction

Requirements: negative

Purpose: to represent the degree of starch decomposition to prevent starch turbidity

5. Color

Requirements: below the limit

Purpose: to ensure that the color of beer meets quality standards

6. Bitter substance content / BU

Requirements: 15-50

Purpose: Prevent excessive bitterness of beer

7.α-amino nitrogen content/mg/100ml

Requirements: 21-24

Purpose: to ensure normal yeast metabolism and low diacetyl content

8. Soluble total nitrogen content/mg/100ml

Requirements: 100-120

Uses: related to the taste and foam characteristics of beer

9. Condensable nitrogen content / mg / 100ml

Requirements: 1.7-2.0

Purpose: Conducive to the non-biological stability of beer

10. Dissolved oxygen/mg/l

Requirements: 8-9

Purpose: Good oxygenation is beneficial to the reproduction of yeast

11. Microorganisms/pc/100ml

Requirements: coliform <3, bacteria <1000

Purpose: Prevent abnormal fermentation and produce sour or peculiar smell from beer

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