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Does the Feed Temperature Affect the Quality of Beer?

Jan. 20, 2021

When starting the formal brewing through the Beer Winery Equipment Manufacturer, the feed temperature is the first issue we must seriously consider. The latest research shows that if a high temperature (such as 62°C) feeding process is used, not only the saccharification time is short, which is conducive to energy saving, but also it is very beneficial to the foam and taste stability of beer. Reasons: (1) Reduce protein decomposition. (2) The polymer has a large nitrogen content. (3) Because of the higher viscosity of beer, beer has better foam retention. (4) The content of α-amino nitrogen in wort is low. (5) Maillard reaction involves only a few amino acids.

Beer Inliner Tank

Beer Inliner Tank

Changes in beer aging substances at different cutting temperatures. The higher the temperature (for example, 62°C), the lower the composition of aging substances and the more stable the taste.

The relationship between low temperature cutting and high temperature cutting and fatty acid oxidase activity. The higher the temperature of the cuttings, the lower the activity of fatty acid oxidase, the lower the possibility of wort and beer being oxidized, and the more stable the taste.

Generally, the foaming of beer can be improved at a higher feed temperature. This phenomenon may be caused by a certain amount of polymer nitrogen. Certain molecular weight proteins, such as foam proteins with a molecular weight of 4100, capsule proteins and viscous substances, play a decisive role in the foam and promote the formation of foam. In most cases, the protein that causes tannin precipitation will increase significantly at 60°C. Our company also has Beer Inliner Tank on sale, welcome to contact us.

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