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What is the Effect of Malt Quality on Brewing?

Feb. 05, 2021

What makes beer different from barley malt? What is the difference between good and bad malt? As a Beer Winery Equipment Supplier, share it with you. Malt quality control is one of the most important factors in beer brewing. Inferior malt will affect the brewing process, beer quality and beer stability.

Beer Yeast Storage Tank

Beer Yeast Storage Tank

The influence of malt quality on brewing technology:

1. The quality of malt will directly affect the saccharification effect. Due to the imperfection and imbalance of the malt enzyme system of poor quality, the low enzyme activity affects the decomposition and function of the enzyme in the saccharification process. The prepared wort has unreasonable ingredients and low extraction efficiency, which has an impact on the saccharification utilization rate.

2. The quality of malt will affect the filtration of wort. Wort made from low-quality malt has high turbidity and high viscosity, making it difficult to filter the wort.

3. Malt quality will affect wort boiling: Malt made from inferior wort has a higher viscosity, and wort boiling is prone to overflow, which leads to the control of low boiling point steam pressure and low boiling point strength, which affects the wort cooking process Protein aggregation and isomerization of hops.

4. Malt quality will affect the fermentation process: Wort with poor malt quality often cannot meet the requirements for sugar and amino acid composition, which will affect the reproduction of yeast. In addition, some worts contain more polysaccharide particles and suspicious cold solid particles, which may affect yeast metabolism. Abnormal reproduction and metabolism of yeast will affect the fermentation process.

5. The quality of malt affects beer filtration: after the fermentation of low-quality wort, the fermentation broth is often not clear, unsatisfactory, with high viscosity and many particles, which can easily block the filter pores and affect the filtration of the fermentation broth.

The influence of malt quality on beer quality:

1. The quality of malt affects the composition of enzymes, poor malt quality, unreasonable enzyme composition, unreasonable production of saccharified wort components, and also affects the metabolism of yeast, which may cause slow sugar content, difficulty in reducing sugar, and cause low fermentation, beer The taste is greasy and thick, not clean, and may have a sweet taste.

2. The quality of malt will affect the extract: due to the incorrect ratio of ingredients and other reasons, poor malt quality may produce bad beer flavor substances and "alcohol-ester ratio". In addition, the outstanding performance of this beer is that the amount of higher alcohols, aldehydes and diketone carbonyl compounds is high, and the beer flavor is abnormal.

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