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Portable CIP cart


What is a CIP Cart?

The Brewery CIP Cart is designed for cleaning in place and includes a pump and two tanks: a caustic tank for heating and mixing aggressive cleaners and a retort tank for mixing sterilizing liquids.

Brewery CIP Cart

After the brewing day is over, start cleaning. Our innovative CIP trolley makes cleaning easy so you can do it after hours. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your brewery's needs.

Capacity: 50L, 100L, 150L or customized

Basic configuration: Acid tank + alkali tank + Pump + piping, valves etc, All on small trolley.

Feature Description:

The portable CIP cart is more for mini breweries or smaller capacity micro breweries. Mostly with two tanks configuration, acid tank and caustic tank. Caustic tank with electric heater, with over burning protection device.

Pump with higher pressure height to make sure the cleaning effect.

The whole unit installed on smaller trolley, so the whole cart can be moved easily.

With separate control panel, for pump switch on / off, temp regulating, pump VFD control etc.

Portable Cip System

We offer a wide range of CIP systems available to keep your brewery safe, hygienic and clean. Choose from two containers, three containers, or get a custom solution. The system is available with manual or fully automatic control.

You can save time by choosing our Portable Cip System, which is simple and easy to use. Cleaning can be done with hot or cold caustic using a tank immersion heater inside a caustic tank.

We are also pleased to offer portable CIP/transfer pumps, equipped with variable speed drives. Equipped with an onboard variable speed drive, this compact design is ideal for transferring product or water.

Portable Cip System Solutions

Hygiene is an important factor in food processing and should be considered as one of the production process steps. Improper cleaning in the food industry can lead to lost production throughout the day and directly affects the quality of the final product. That's why, when considering small facilities that don't require a high degree of automation, ZYBREW designed a manually operated mobile CIP system to help clean plants, eliminate impurities and reduce bacterial levels.

What does CIP cleaning involve?

CIP cleaning is usually the preparation and delivery of cleaning agents. There is usually a rinse cycle followed by cleaning, detergent wash, sanitizing, rinsing and a final rinse. CIP skids will have heating elements for water/chemicals as the elevated temperature aids in cleaning. Pipeline cleaning is generally based on providing sufficient velocity for the turbulent motion of the fluid in the pipe to remove the residue particles that need to be removed. A guideline is 1.5 ms-1 speed, which is then used in conjunction with pipe size to size the pump used to deliver the chemical.

CIP skids can be single-tank or multi-tank frames, depending on the application. Their size and scale are related to the number of cleaning tanks and pipes and whether they are parallel or sequential. A CIP chute typically contains a certain level of chemical dosage, a heat source (such as a heat exchanger), and a control panel/valve/pump for dispensing the chemical.

The CIP system first ensures the level of hygiene between production batches and that each new batch/product run is free of carryover and contamination. An effective CIP system combined with an efficient cleaning spray head will reduce the cost of cleaning pipes/tanks.

The actual cleaning of the tank is usually carried out by static or rotating spray balls, ZYBREW can also provide and provide recommended options. The cleaning of the pipeline is mainly achieved by the flow rate of the liquid and the turbulence generated in the pipeline.

what size is right for me?

The Portable Cip System depends on many factors, including the size of the tank you are cleaning, the geometry of the tank (conical or dished bottom), and the flow rating of the spray ball or nozzle that came with your tank. A properly sized CIP cart will provide a sufficient volume of water at the rated flow rate while maintaining sufficient liquid in the tank to prevent eddy currents that would introduce air into the CIP pump.

Basic guidance is provided below:

20 Gallon CIP: 3BBL-10BBL Tank

40 Gallon CIP: 10BBL - 20BBL Tank

75 Gallon CIP: 20BBL - 60BBL Tank

132 Gallon CIP: 60BBL - 120BBL Tank

Custom sizes available - give us a call to determine what size is right for you!

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