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Six Requests for Micro Brewery

Nov. 28, 2017

Micro beer equipment is a kind of beer equipment, its size is smaller, the structure is relatively simple and reasonable, it is also more convenient to use, currently used for hotels, restaurants, cafeteria, etc., has been recognized and favored by most people.

1.wine temperature requirements: summer water temperature 25-30 ℃, winter 30-36 ℃. Must be measured with a thermometer cylinder water temperature. Fermentation temperature: the best fermentation temperature 25-35 ℃, less than 20 ℃.

2.water requirements: it should use no alkaline spring water or tap water. Water quality is good, colorless and transparent, fresh palatability.

3.in order to improve the quality of wine, leaving wine some until the next steaming mixed distillation.

4.anaerobic fermentation: Especially in the medium and late brewing process, strictly sealed cylinder.

5.the raw materials mixed to ferment, this effect is better.

6.When the fermentation is completed, liquid surface sink into the bottom of the tank, the material stay in a static state, and gradually become clear, enter into the fermentation period, then can be distilled.

Micro Brewery

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