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Yeast Brink


Feature description:

ZYBREW yeast brink fabricated based on the beer kegs, with volume of 30L, 50L or 1 / 2BBL. Yeast can be kept in the yeast brink and being pushing to fermenters.

What is Yeast Brink?

The yeast rim is a stainless steel keg that has been modified to collect yeast from the conical fermenter for preservation and put it back into a new batch of beer.    

Harvesting and restocking yeast is a common practice in most breweries, and it's a great way to spread the cost over many beers! Yeast Brink keeps stored yeast under pressure, preserving it until it can be used to make more beer. We thought about everything for this design with the help of many brewers. So we know our edge stock of yeast for sale will be of great help as you expand your brewery and its core business.    

Basic configuration:

Beer keg with big trip clamp on top

Butterfly valves

Pressure gauge

Racking arm for yeast out

Air connectors.

Yeast likes oxygen at the start of fermentation. 

You can use this Yeast Brink:

Oxidation of the wort in the fermenter before placing the yeast

Imagine taking a cone full of fresh beer wort and injecting yeast into it - the yeast harvested from the finished fermented cone!

Let's imagine

1) Put the hop pellets into the sight glass

2) Pour the beer sample from the conical flask into the sight glass to dissolve the hops

3) Push those hops back into the Erlenmeyer for dry hops!

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