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3BBL 5BBL 7BBL 10BBL Three vessel combined brewhouse (German style)


General description:

Capacity: 3HL, 5HL, 10HL Or 3BBL 5BBL 7BBL 10BBL or customized

Heating method: Electric / steam / gas fired

Efficiency: 1-3Brews per day

The traditional three vessel combined brewhouse configuration is mash / boiling tank + lauter / whirlpool tank. It is flexible to do either decoction or infusion mashing process. The whole brewhouse sized as exact beer plato / gravity from client. The whole system is compact and easy to install.

Making a brewery is longer term operation, our wish is helping you find the value behind our price, and develop the balance between income and investments.

Basic configuration:

● Mash / boiling tank with top stir, paddle type mixer. VFD, with steam condensing unit

● Lauter / whirlpool tank: Upper lauter tun, with top stir, VFD, lower whirlpool tank with tangent wort inlet

● Support fittings: double / single stage plate cooler, piping strainer, grist hydrator, wort sink etc

● Standard brewhouse platform or customized

● All pump & Stir with VFD

● With hot water tank configured for sparging and mashing in etc, and increase the production efficiency.

● Valves to be manual butterfly one or pneumatic

● Piping connection to be TC or DIN.


● Mash boiling tank combined for decoction brewing

● To stir with shaft connector to lower the twist force

● Well adjusted temp and water blending unit for better grain and water mixing

● Special tank and piping construction to avoid the wort aeration problem and decrease the material lost

● Special designed steam condensing unit, with both steam condensing and water heating function

● Brewhouse automation with possible upgrading.

● The whole system can be installed on platform for easy removing and installation


 Copper cladding

Customer logo can be engraved on manway glass.

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