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What is CIP cleaning system? What are its technical points?

Apr. 22, 2022

What is CIP cleaning system? What are the key technical points?

CIP (cleaning in place) is a technology for cleaning in place without disassembling equipment, pipes and valves. At present, modern breweries at home and abroad generally use CIP cleaning system for equipment, containers and pipelines, which is advanced in that there is no need to disassemble the equipment and pipelines, and the cleaning solution and the equipment to be cleaned are connected by fixed pipelines to form a closed system, and then the cycle cleaning is carried out instead of manual operation. The whole process of cleaning transitions to automation and program control.

The main equipment of CIP cleaning system is recovery tank, alkali or acid tank, sterilant tank, sterile water tank, etc.


Portable CIP cart


The performance requirements of CIP cleaning system are described as follows.

1. Storage tank volume to meet the requirements of the cleaning pump 10min working flow.

2. The capacity of the return pump in the system should be 20% to 30% higher than the output pump, to prevent the accumulation of cleaning fluid.

3. Storage tank itself to have cleaning devices and sewage devices, to have an overflow pipe and exhaust holes, and the exhaust will be concentrated to the outdoors.

4. CIP system equipment group is equipped with observation corridor and ventilation and lighting facilities.

5. Acid, alkali tanks and corrosive media storage tanks, there should be obvious safety and emergency signs. There should be liquid level meter, thermometer and other measuring and displaying instruments in the tank to monitor the operation of CIP system.

 6. Acid, alkali, sterilizing agents and other storage tanks set up sampling valve, and regularly check the concentration.


CIP cleaning system technical points are as follows.

1. Cleaning agent is divided into one-time use mode and recycling mode, the general use of circular cleaning mode, less cleaning agent consumption, low energy consumption, but occupies a large area, a high one-time investment.

2. Cleaning temperature is divided into cold cleaning and hot cleaning. Cold cleaning is commonly used in large containers, hot cleaning for small containers and pipelines, equipment cleaning. For large volume equipment such as fermentation tanks, the cleaning temperature shall not be higher than 45 ℃.

3. Cleaning device. The general use of cleaning devices for conical tank cleaning, cleaning effect mainly relies on the chemical effect of the cleaning agent to achieve, its washing device mainly fixed washing ball, rotary washing ball and rotary spray tank washer three. Cleaning device plays a vital role, according to their own production characteristics, process requirements, the shape and size of the fermentation vessel, choose the appropriate cleaning device.

 4. The use of tank washer compared with other cleaning methods, it has a strong jet and efficient cleaning effect, can save cleaning time, the amount of water and cleaning agent to reduce, no self-pollution. The use of high-pressure rotary jet cleaning wort boiling pot wall and heater on the dirt, or cleaning stainless steel fermenter on the scale, combined with the use of alkaline cleaning agent EDTA, the effect will be better.



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