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Methods of Cooling Wort

Aug. 03, 2022

When you start self-control, the first horror story you hear is that you have to cool your wort quickly after boiling.

Usually, on the first day, you are working on the toolkit you get for your birthday or something, and you don't have any fancy toolkits yet. So, naturally, your thoughts will turn to the coldest thing in your house, ice!


Methods of Cooling Wort

So, can you really cool the wort by putting ice in the liquid?

Cold wort can be used as long as the wort is free of pollutants. Ice bags should be avoided. To calculate how much you need, it is necessary to know the quality and temperature of your wort and the ice you will use. Ice can also be used with / without wort coolers.

You may think that the problem is out of date, please forgive the pun, but there is much more use of ice to cool wort than I just mentioned.

Fortunately, I have summarized all my research into the following topic so that you can make the best choices and make sure you have the perfect pint on the road!

Methods of Cooling Wort

Bright Beer Tank


Methods of Cooling Wort

During the cooling process of brewing day, you can use ice in three main ways. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


1. There is ice in the wort.

When you search for this answer, you may wonder if ice can be put directly into your wort to cool it in this way.

This is of course an option, but you need to prepare ice in advance to avoid any adverse effects, and you must also calculate this addition. Simply adding ice at will will bring you a lot of trouble.


2. Ice bath.

Another or additional way to cool wort with ice is to put the kettle in the ice bath in the kitchen sink or, interestingly, in the bathtub.

This is a time-tested method and is ideal for any winemaker who has not yet invested in wort coolers.

Although it's a good way to cool wort, it's still much slower than using a wort cooler, so it can give you an extended risk period when your wort may be contaminated by harmful substances in the air.


3. Ice cooling system.

A really environmentally friendly way to use ice in cooperation with wort coolers is to establish your own closed cooling system. What I mean is to use two wort coolers, if you use an immersion model, or a countercurrent or plate cooler, which is supplied from an icy water tank.

To do this, you need a traditional aquarium pump and a beer cooler to hold ice water. This will not only help you cool the wort faster, but also reduce water consumption.

Methods of Cooling Wort

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