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The Benefits Of Using A Conical Fermenter In A Brewery

Aug. 03, 2022

Conical fermentor is the gold standard of beer brewing.

Do you notice the huge metal tanks you see in a professional brewery? Those are conical fermenters. Let's discuss these benefits in more detail.

The Benefits Of Using A Conical Fermenter In A Brewery

Single tank fermentation

The conical fermentor has a unique shape to eliminate transfer. The funnel-shaped bottom part separates and collects unwanted sediment. At the end of the primary, you just open the valve and pour the sediment, leaving only pure beer ready for the secondary. After the fermentation, the conical fermentor can easily transfer the beer directly to the barrel.

Minimize the risk of oxidation and infection

Oxidation and infection are the most terrible nightmares for brewers. You waited for weeks just to taste your last beer and find it full of smell. Even the most vigilant brewers have fallen into unexpected traps. Enter the conical fermentation tank. By primary and secondary fermentation in one container, your risk of spoilage plummets since not exposed to external elements.

Save and reuse of yeast

What is the most economical brewing method? Reuse your yeast. By allowing you to dump trub from the bottom, the conical fermentor makes harvesting yeast as easy as turning a valve. You will collect healthy, vibrant yeast that can be easily separated, cleaned, and stored for up to a week.

Less Cleaning

Cleaning is the last thing everyone likes in the brewing process. Needless to say, the fewer vessels you use, the fewer vessels you clean.

Still having problems?

So we have some very experienced brewers and engineers on staff that can help you make your final decision. Don't hesitate to reach out at info@zybrew.beer.

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